Samsung to Introduce Photo Sphere Like Camera Features Called ‘Orb’ to Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to come loaded with a new camera feature that is called Samsung orb. This camera feature will be an extension of Photo Sphere that is already available in the market in android v4.2 Operating System.

ORB to Galaxy S4This feature will allow the users to capture panorama photos of their surroundings to about 360 degree and will also provide them with a viewing experience up to three dimensions. A similar kind of application i.e. photo sphere is present in the Nexus 4 devices.

The sources say that Samsung is also working with Facebook to make it possible for the users to also upload their panorama pictures on Facebook as they currently do with their normal pictures.

This application of Google will allow users to scroll around just like Google Street View image. If users wish to click the photo using this application they will be required point their S4 device at different points in their surroundings just like Nexus 4.

Although, the release date of Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived close but still the Samsung Orb is in beta and the employees of the company are working hard to prepare this feature before the release of this device. It is also rumored that if the company won’t be able to finish it by the time S4 is released in the market then it may be added as a software update for the phone before it hits the market.

Coming to the other features of S4 device, it is rumored to arrive packed with an updated hardware and big screen. It will feature 5 inches HD display and 13 MP camera that can click still images with resolution. Also, it will include 5G Wi-Fi chip that will allow the phone to have high speeds in comparison to the Ethernet. This smartphone will be powered with the brand new Exynos 5 Octa that may consist of four high and four low powered CPUT cores.

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